The solution creators

We give inbound telephony an extra dimension. Through new technologies and highly trained agents, we provide an unrivaled level. Call Center 2.0! 

 Our project managers and supervisors are sensitive by us and by project full user training issue to be optimal 

 Advantage of ICalling: 

– Transportability standard 8:00 to 20:00
– 24/7 possible
– Inc. agents per project
– never sick leavematernity or holiday
– sensitive occupation structure
– Saving up salary up to 80%
– always overflow and backup agents operating
– continue with supervision
– Comprehensive management information
– better quality than existing solutions
– price level
– multilingual permanent staff
– flexible agreements 


Ask for our current business cases: 

  1. a) international airline company (inbound / outbound telephony, social media, bookings)
  2. b) nationally operating installer (10 account managers, inbound / outbound agenda planning)
  3. c) the leading provider of professional equipment (inbound / outbound planning agenda)
  4. d) training institute Benelux (inbound bookings, reservations, helpdesk)
  5. e) travel organization (inbound information desk, bookings)
  6. f) European automotive rental organization (helpdesk, calamities, bookings)


For more information please contact us at 0103400303 or info@i-calling.nl



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