The solution creators


In co-sourcing, we work with you. ‘Sourcing’ means outsourcing. You give the assignment and the execution is outsourced.

Because of the close cooperation between you and i-Calling, you remain very involved and retain more responsibility for the end result. You remain responsible for the ‘what’ and ‘how’, but we deploy people who, of course, meet the required competencies.

Outsourcing tasks
As the client, you decide which tasks are outsourced to i-Calling and which you want to keep under your own management, if we choose for a co-sourcing trajectory.

On the basis of co-sourcing, the cooperation is stronger than when activities are usually outsourced. Achieving maximum profit from your customer contacts without bearing all the risks is the desired result.

i-Calling is perfectly capable of optimizing your processes according to your wishes, at your location, with your systems.

We represent your organization in a professional manner, so that your customers are addressed in the way they want.