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i-Calling provides training courses for people working in commercial positions who want to improve their skills in the field of telephone sales and/or acquisition.

Training and advice
A training program can be internal or external and can consist of basic and refresher courses. We can also set up and supervise your entire telemarketing department from A to Z. Personal sales are often easier than telephone sales, because there is eye contact. In personal sales you can recognise non-verbal signals and respond to them. With telephone contact this is more difficult, so training telephone sales skills is therefore very important.

After an extensive intake, we carry out the programme of your choice. We can test the preliminary process at your company or from our location and improve it where necessary. In this way we can easily make changes in the interim and work towards the desired transfer date during the project. We use a telemarketing model based on the years of experience of i-Calling in the field. Our working method is flexible and is fully adapted to your wishes. This will be done with regard to your organization, sales market, strategy and mission.

Goals and results
The basic principles of a good telephone sales conversation are trained,
where we are going to optimise the qualities of your employees, so that you continue to make use of your callers’ own characteristics. We encourage employees to call from their own personal strengths and that each agent has the opportunity to maintain their own style. The call center employees will be made aware of how to keep the attention, how to deal with resistance and how to convince the customer and how close with a concrete agreement.