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Who visits your website?! What do you do with it?!

Companies spend a lot of money on marketing to generate traffic to their website. Your website has valuable visitors every day. For example through word-of-mouth advertising, advertisements, emails, or because your website is found in Google or other search engines. However, the majority of the people who visit a website do not contact you themselves.

By using the latest techniques we link IP addresses and a variety of databases. We combine this unique method with our many years of experience in the field of telemarketing, guaranteeing you a significant increase in your turnover.

Who’s actually visiting your website?

– Our visual dashboard will bring your visitors to life and show you who is really looking at you. See real time how your visitors change, from hour to hour, from day to day.
– At any time, you can see the names of the visitors to your website online.
– Your website visitors include company name, address details, phone number, website, search terms, etc.
– With a simple click in the system we approach the customers you want to contact.
– After the telephone follow-up you will be informed about the commercial possibilities of this lead and we offer you for example the following options: targeted information, an offer, an appointment or a sale.
– Our “e-mail alert” system informs you immediately when an interesting visitor views your website.

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