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Reclaim a customer

Winning back customers is essential for any organization. Less time is often spent on this than on bringing in new customers, while recovering old customers often costs less time, money and energy. The customer already knows you and the reason for switching often has nothing to do with you, except that you did not contact your customer at the right time.

First, we analyse the reason why the customer left. Maybe this former customer opted for the competitor, he thought your price was too high or he was not satisfied with the service. But often it is just a matter of a late reaction or the right moment of contact from another company.

Contact is the first key to winning back customers. We call the customer, find out his or her reasons for choosing to leave, show understanding and emphasize the services already rendered.

i-Calling employees are trained to deal with complaints in a service-oriented way. Because of our experience, with patience and well thought-out negotiation techniques, we can turn even your most disappointed and/or non-active customer into a satisfied and re-interested customer.