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Customer Relationship Management

Our team has turned various Customer Relationship Management projects into an efficient sales machine. We have proudly guided a number of large but also various compact challenges to a successful formula with a lasting return on investment. We work daily with Salesforce and a custom made Vtiger CRM and various other packages from our customers.

Collecting information and enriching customer bases is often a part of this, where the profit opportunities are only partially exploited. Interpreting this data and turning it into a profit opportunity is our added value. Your customer base is valuable, but to keep it that way, it needs to be enriched regularly. In doing so, we ensure that your customer base is fully AVG proof.

We can introduce a strategy in every sales organization that is guaranteed to increase sales results. If you are already using a CRM package and would like to be informed objectively about its possibilities, or if you would like to use a new CRM application and try it out extensively for a long period of time for ease of use, then we definitely would be happy to assist you.

– We have a customer database and would like to increase our return on investment.
– We are orientating, but would like to try out a CRM on trial
– We want our field service organisation to function more efficiently
– We like to see how a good CRM increases the effectiveness of telemarketing.
– We would like to receive practical examples of how to set up a CRM.
– We use CRM software and would like to receive tips from a specialist

If you have answered one or more questions from the checklist with “yes”, then you can apply for a free brochure with tips and guidelines and a detailed case study for a successful CRM trajectory.

We have a partnership with AllinOneSoftware and we may offer you the extended CRM version of Vtiger for trial use, with all costs being charged to i-Calling.