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Recruitment & selection

i-Calling specialises in recruitment & selection in the field of telemarketing. Through experience and innovative selection techniques, we achieve the highest results for our clients. We provide you with the best callagents in accordance with your specified criteria.

We professionally assess all candidates on their verbal qualities, we also test empathy, dealing with problems and the degree of politeness and client orientation. Our standards are very high, and this is directly reflected in the level of the candidates. This saves you time and the callagent can be deployed quickly and operationally. Our recruiters are the extension of your company and through their years of experience they know exactly which telemarketer you have in mind.

All advertising costs are for the account of i-Calling, in many cases we already have concrete solutions for you, but of course we will use all resources to offer a representative selection.

In the first instance we will select from our existing network, these are mostly people already deployed and/or trained by us. In addition, we will also go one step further in targeted searches, in which we will consult all of our available databases.