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It is extremely important that you are easily accessible. An unanswered call, a long wait or even a voicemail can lead to a negative customer experience.

i-Calling can easily solve this, by handling your inbound communication at the times you prefer.

– Out of office hours
– 24/7
– During illness or holidays
– During breaks or meetings
– In case of calamities

Peak moments are unpredictable
There may be times when the phone just won’t stop ringing. In that case, even though there is a fulltime receptionist/operator present, your company may still miss calls (e.g. when people are calling at the same time). Our telephone service offers you 100% flexibility.

Telephone reception overflow?
You can transfer the phone to our staff whenever you want. There is also the possibility to automatically transfer the phone, so you don’t have to focus on that. There are several telephone numbers available.

This number is connected to the i-Calling telephone service. Our employees can see in the system which line is coming in and answer the call correctly and professionally. This way, comparably to your own operator, we transfer calls to the relevant department or person within your organisation, or handle them directly.

Digital reception overflow
In addition to absorbing the telephone overflow, we can also support you with:
– Handling email
– Chat answering
– Multimedia monitoring

Case study:
For a royal organisation, we solve telephone interferences, in the evenings and nights and throughout the weekends. After a thorough training period, the calls are picked up at the same level as their own employees. We are also called on in during busy periods.

Feedback from our clients:
– At 17:00 pm we can forward the phone with peace of mind.
– The employees are for us equal to our permanent colleagues.
– To fill in these hours ourselves, our budget would be three times as high.
– i-Calling can always call in additional operators immediately.