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Make appointments

Making appointments by phone is a time consuming job. However, it is essential for your sales process. If you make an appointment it is another chance to score and therefore more turnover! Our call agents are fully set up for this task and use the available time to fully focus on this task. Our system logs all calls and schedules every callback action. As a result, every call is one step closer to the desired result.

In order to get the maximum¬†result out of this opportunity, it is important to keep paying attention and spending a lot of time on this! But if you don’t have this time, i-Calling will gladly take over the process from you. This gives you the space to pay attention to other processes, on which you can fully focus.

Example trajectory:
1) Selection of address file
2) Send stimulating letter
3) “Scanning” calls
4) Make and prepare appointment, send personal confirmation
5) Fulfilment of an agreement

The quality of the leads is essential for a successful campaign. Of course, you want targeted calls. This requires an accurate selection of the addresses you supply. It is also important that these meet the legal requirements. Cold calling is a “no go”.

Our database specialists can provide you with extensive advice.