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Agenda management 

Online agenda management is an excellent combination with our telephone service. Our agents plan your appointments in the available periods indicated by you. The agents have experience with various agenda management systems.

Why i-Calling? 

For each project we develop a comprehensive manual, so your customer really gets in touch with an employee of your company. The agent has the necessary knowledge of your company, to make a good estimation and make the right appointment with the most suitable person.

– Extended opening hours, standard 8:00 to 20:00
– 24/7 availibilty
– Always multiple employees operational for your project
– No absenteeism due to illness, maternity leave, holidays
– Professional handling
– Agents with expertise and experience

Case study :
For a leading technical installation agency, we schedule appointments nationwide for 10 account managers. By sharing the agenda’s online, we’re able to process them in real-time and send the customer a confirmation by email directly from the CRM, containing the contact information of the employee.

Feedback from our clients:
– The agents plan efficiently
– If an empty spot arises, it is immediately handled by i-Calling
– Appointments are explained in details and this makes the conversation much easier
– Customers are clearly informed, what the appointment is about.