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Customer retention

Is the focus of your company on approaching new customers? Is your sales team organized in such a way that customer retention is not the priority of your sales reps. As a result, this will have a negative impact on the total turnover for the longer term.

Active customer retention has a significant positive effect. Maintaining a good relationship with your customer is necessary. It is therefore very important to regularly show your customers that they can also rely on you in the future.

Telephone contact is the perfect way to get more out of your current customer base. New developments in your company can be brought to your attention, with the result that you are ahead of the competition. i-Calling knows how to interest passive and lost customers and how to retain them! It is important to maintain insight into the components of the customer’s buying process. Due to our careful working method we make an inventory of exactly who the customer is, what the value of a customer is and how he or she should be treated. Where possible we generate a direct sales appointment.

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